Rise & Grind

With each new day comes new possibilities – and new cups of coffee.

I am a coffee lover. I like the latte art, I cannot lie. I like to visit a cozy coffee shop to smell the coffee beans, listen to the sound of beans grinding, watch people come to buy coffee and then go again, take a coffee photo, and enjoy a cup of coffee before starting my next adventure.

One of my favorite parts of the windy city is to explore all the coffee shops and try new cups of coffee, no matter the weather outside. Now, embark on a coffee journey with me. Take your time to sip the coffee, finding new possibilities and memories in life.

Time stops when I am with you: Heritage Bicycle General Store

Lavender Latte (Signature Latte)

I can’t recommend this place enough. It is definitely my favorite coffee shop in Chicago. Usually, if I don’t have any ideas of where to go or explore, or I don’t have a special activity on a Sunday morning, I will go there to grab a cup. Two American flags hanging on the door caught my eyes the first time I stopped here. You can find bicycles everywhere in the store, with white color decor and mirrors. I usually order a cup of lavender latte, or a cup of vanilla latte, then I’ll sit on the corner with the bicycle decor and little plants, and enjoy my time.

Because it is a bicycle maintenance store, you can listen to the sound of wheels rolling. It reminds me of sitting on the back of my father’s bicycle when he would take me to school and pick me up. My words for Bikes + Coffee = Happiness. 


Address: 2959 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL 60657


thumbnail_img_8241 (1)
Two cool heritage outposts: 1325 W Wilson Ave, Chicago IL 60640; 1020 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago IL 60640


Addicted to Caffeine and Matcha: Sawada Coffee

Military Latte

This is my second favorite coffee place in town, especially its military latte and black camo latte, as I’m addicted. When you first sip, you can feel the green tea flavor, then the espresso flavor follows. You can take a photo of the pretty art within the cup, so focused on it that you miss the special flavor at first, but then it steals your heart. It makes you want to come back again.

I must say, the black camo latte won’t leave you disappointed. I like the dot on the brown latte color because it sparks my imagination. The best part are the accent lights strung high against the dark exposed beams below the ceiling of the coffee shop. It creates a relaxing mood during our busy life. 

Address: 112 N Green St, Chicago IL 60607
Green Tea Latte@Sawada Match: Address:4908, 226 W Kinzie St. Chicago, IL 60654

C.C. Ferns  brings alive the beauty and magic of old school vintage. Choose a cup of Cortado, sit amidst the dark and vintage decor, choose an old couch, read a book, or even do a little work there.


All you need is coffee, please pick-me-up : Bodega

Address: 355 N Clark St, Chicago IL 60654

If you are like me, you enjoy the cute messages and images within coffee. This must be the place. I usually have a cup of cappuccino there. The nice coffee images help to express your words to others, maybe even your special secrets.  Don’t forget to try their churros, along with a cup of cute coffee.

Address:@Bombobar: 832 W Randolph, Chicago IL 60607

Where will your coffee adventures take you next? Here are some other options, each featuring unique special coffee to try. 

My Latte Just Went Viral: Big Shoulders Coffee

I usually come here to grab marshmallow latte on a rainy or snowy day, as just a cute marshmallow makes me feel warm and happy. Also, there’s a big Chicago map on the wall, so you can see all the street names, and maybe it inspires you to explore a new place.

thumbnail_IMG_8230Sip on galaxy: Limitless Coffee & Tea

The coffee here is too pretty to drink. If you want a photo to stand out on your Instagram, come here. Have a cup of charcoal latte, with beautiful mixed colors. Can  you imagine sipping on a star-filled galaxy? Try it.

Address:  217 N Green St, Chicago IL 60607

Mornings are for coffee and contemplation: Werewolf Coffee Bar

Who says you can’t drink pink? Here, you can find the sweetbeet latte, topped with edible glitter (rose petals are optional). It will give you heart eyes for sure.The pretty coffee is served from a refurbished coffee truck. Cozy up with a caffeine kick to get you through the day.

 Address: 1765 N Elston Ave, Chicago IL 60642

What a Turkish Delight: Oromo Café

Sometimes you should try coffees from different countries. Have you ever tried Turkish coffee? For a new flavor, visit Oromo Café at Lincoln Square. What do you think about getting a cup of Turkish coffee and a pistachio & rose Turkish delight? You might just love this new coffee. (Address: 4703 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL 60625)


Romantic with Lavender (Purple): First Sip Café at Uptown

They have endless options for tea and coffee flavoring here. It won’t disappoint you. But I fall in love with Manila Fog when I ordered the first time, all the lavender (purple) color. It tastes so good, too. What’s your favorite color? Maybe your favorite color will be on your next coffee? 

Address: 1057 W Argyle St, Chicago, IL 60640

Unique, exciting sporting experience: Dropshot Coffee & Snack Bar

Are you a tennis super fan? Do you want to find a tennis tournament? Are you chasing unique theme coffee shops? Take a photo here and post to Instagram, and you’ll get an audience. This is a tennis-themed location, and it’s fun to see all the cool tennis items here, even for a non tennis fan. You will have a unique classic American sports experience. 

Address: 312 W Chestnut St, Chicago, IL 60622


The coffee shops I mentioned above are just small part of what’s available in the windy city, but there are many more. I hope this journey of coffee gives you a guide for the coffee lover in you. Now I’m off to visit an Italian coffee: Caffe Umbria… Hmmm, can’t wait to try it.


Which a cup of coffee fit your personal style? Take an adventure with a cup of coffee, give your body some fuel and some inspiration to your work and life, so many more new possibilities to come.

Cheers to coffee filled days!

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  1. JA says:

    The art on the foamm on the lattes is amazing! I appreciate your sharing your point of view. I don’t think there is a coffee shop in Jacksonville, Florida that can do those… but I will explore.


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