Little Trailer: a home away from home

Home is where the heart is.

I love camping life, an escape from the bright city and a chance to embrace the wonder of the dark. I always find new ways to enjoy camping. A tiny house lives in my heart. So during my recent adventure to Moab, Utah, I chose to rent and stay in a teardrop trailer, a unique and special mini home life experience in the great outdoors.

There are plenty of camping options near Moab. You can pick a first come-first serve BLM site, like Sand Flats Recreation Area, Big Bend Recreation Area, etc., or you can reserve your own site at a local campground. I chose to camp in a first come-first serve site, so I picked spot D14 at Sand Flats Recreation Area, which offers spectacular vistas of sandstone domes, canyons and mesas against the backdrop of the La Sal Mountains. (I recommend you arrive early to find a good spot in the morning, because it is a popular BLM site, and it fills fast). After I picked my favorite campsite, the trailer host Wendy (from Airbnb) delivered and set up the trailer, to be ready for me after my day of adventures.

When I saw the trailer in person, I felt the mini home in my heart come to life.

I was very excited to experience this mini house life: Cozy bed and bedding, perfect for little me; Well-equipped kitchen fulfills outdoor cooking needs.

The trailer looks like an adorable tiny house: inside it has a cozy queen bed, soft bedding and wood cabinetry, and off the back is a well-equipped kitchen, including all cooking essentials, a gas stove, stainless steel counter, hot/cold water sink, pans, etc. A yeti cooler, camp rugs and camp chairs also are provided. The trailer is equipped with a propane heater, too. It was very convenient and practical for sleeping and cooking. It made camping life charming and authentic.  

Staying in the teardrop trailer was a fun and unique experience:

  • I wore a headlamp to brush my teeth at the back kitchen at night;
  • I used solar power in the trailer to charge my phone and GoPro;
  • I used my flashlight to walk and find the restroom at the campground in the dark;
  • The BLM site does not have shower, but I did not mind missing a shower;
  • I turned on the heater to make the mini home warmer during the cold nights;
  • The trailer was under the breathtaking night skies. I saw endless stars and moon every night: the night sky was fantastic.
  • I curled into bed at night, with no cellular service, but I enjoyed disconnecting from my phone and social media. I never felt bored, just enjoyed my precious alone time, thought about the adventures I was enjoying, collected my thoughts, took time to self-reflect, then slept like a baby.
  • It was very windy outside throughout the night. I could feel the wind blow the rugs and a sun shade outside, but I slept soundly, and the windy conditions did not bother me.
  • When I woke up the next morning, I opened the mini door, and the soft indoor lights from the trailer cast a warm glow against the morning gray. I saw the sky turn from dark to bright, the sunlight reflecting off the mountains, turning them red in the distance. It recharged my endless passion and energy, preparing me for a new adventure.
  • I have always wanted to live in the mountains, and I made it happen!
My car and trailer parked parallel under the tree at night. I love this moment.
Staying outdoor, you could stargaze the night sky, with the stars, moon and mountains with you.
The indoor lights reflect the trailer in early morning.
I dressed and was ready for a new day of adventure!
Sand Flats Recreation Area has great views of the La Sal mountains and red rocks.

The precious time spent in the trailer became a new and different perspective for camping life. One of my friends told me that the trailer reminds him a little of the “forts” children will build, small places to hide and play. For me, this trailer made my dream tiny house real for a short time.

What do you think of this trailer? Maybe it is your next adventure. Let’s do it again in a heartbeat!

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