A hero’s infinity journey

Are you willing to take the journey? Are you open to new possibilities? Are you willing to open your imagination? I believe each of our individual journeys differ from one another. Sometimes, we need to step away the routine, explore possibilities in new ways we might not have explored before. Maybe we can call ourselves a hero, someone who is curious, ambitious, brave, open-minded and creative.  

Welcome to the hero’s journey.

“The Hero’s Journey” is here – wndr museum

You might know the Japanese, multi-disciplinary artist Yayoi Kusama and her incredible creations, like her mind-melting infinity mirrored rooms, Kusama Pumpkin at Naoshima, spotted pumpkins and Godzilla-sized floral creation.

Kusama said “I have been taking steps toward the future every day through making many paintings and sculptures with my deep emotion that is hidden in my life.” Her creations are always full of repetitive symbols that symbolize different organisms. I think this is her way to communicate between two different worlds where she finds herself.

Her remarkable INFINITY MIRROR ROOM – LET’S SURVIVE FOREVER, 2017 is exhibited in Chicago. Here, try to forget yourself and immerse in the environment. The room surrounds the viewer in mirrors and reflective balls, making you aware of multiple versions of you, challenging you to find the balance between imagination and reality – and allowing you to find peace in your heart for this moment, as all things remain still, and the entire environment comprises only you.



Forget yourself and immerse yourself; you feel you are infinity.  

The other room I like is the Waterlight Graffiti room. Here, I can draw and write what I want, like a canvas. As in life, I put my commitment on it, and witness the light and darkness. When I step into light, a shadow forms either behind or before me. Although the words on it will disappear soon, I witness the movement and the change, the light and the darkness. While you cannot hold back the inevitable you can still be brave and face it.

What is your commitment in life? Go for it. 

Do you like a transformation? For me, I transformed from small to big in an “Ames Room.” This experience reflects my life journey: growth that is fun and adventurous. Perhaps we are adults on the outside but just children at heart. We have the ability to move through life without fear, facing everyday challenges. Perhaps this is worthy of being called a hero….

The transformation from small to big, like the child to adult, without fear.


We are better through the imagination, become a child again here—Flyboy

I always notice murals in this city, especially the flyboy murals. The local artist Hebru Brantley said, “I create the flyboy character out of a need to have heroes of color, whether black, Asian, or White, European.” Of course, a hero can exist regardless of race, color, gender or nationality.

The Nevermore Park opened recently, a 6,000 square foot immersive art experience that transports you into an exciting alternate reality filled with new sights and sounds. 

In this exhibit, I took the train cross time, with images and items such as old televisions and computers, along with light bulbs suspended above me, with sounds all around me, taking me back to my past and then rushing me toward the future.


Welcome aboard to the childhood train… Where is your next stop?


In my childhood, these televisions, computers and radios were very popular. The items reminded me of years ago when I was much younger.

Across the exhibit, I found familiar sounds, signs and figures that conjure childhood and feelings of childlike wonder. I became a child again. Flyboy connected me with a previous period of my life.

This was a cool exhibit, giving me the power to feel bravery as I emerge as an adult.

Open the door to meet our hidden heroes.

This oversized yellow door is always one of my favorite places to visit. You will feel so little in front of this giant door. People always play with that beloved “Big Monster.” Although we cannot go back in time, we can image a childhood and all of its possibilities.

The imagination of childhood always gave me a new direction and adventure.

My fellow heroes, we are grown up, adults now, facing many challenges in life. I hope we still feel brave, creative and curious as our life journey moves us forward in new chapters. I believe your journey is a comprehensive set of experiences that can be creative with inspiration hidden around each corner – and each of us can embrace imagination, be curious and brave and open to an incredible world of possibilities.


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