The spirit of the season is out there III

Bonjour Holidays, Bonjour P.O.S.H 

At some point in your life, you want something that feels authentic—something that speaks to you. So I always find the special thing to tell a story. If your recipients are from Europe, or French, or love European style, this is definitely a place for you.

Address: 613 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654

P.O.S.H  is a local small business in town. In the holiday season, you should not miss its gorgeous window display. This charming dress captures the magic of the holiday spirit.



The owner sells a lot vintage and authentic items from European flea markets, and has some unique items from their travels. Here, you don’t need to go far to find special gifts, including vintage hotel silver, tabletop, dinnerware, French tea, tea towels, antiques, paintings. You also can find items related to Chicago, such as a vintage Chicago postcard.

Lots of vintage collections here, a lot to look at, a lot to love.

P.O.S.H is a perfect combination of European and Chicago styles, a small store that delivers a unique and warm message. 

You can feel the magical things from Europe and Chicago.

You can not only find unique items here, but also many items that stir memories, like the corners of grandma’s kitchen, where I found cute kitchen items. I can smell her famous sugar cookies fresh from the oven.

Grandma’s kitchen. Do miss her famous cooking?

I see many French items here, like the Eiffel Tower and French books for kids. It reminds me to think of my JAX mom. It is a magical place that connects the special memories between her and me.

Have you heard of this saying: “The fragrance of adventure and poetry endlessly pervades each cup of tea”? In the French tradition, Mariage Frères has elevated tea to an art. If you have tried it, you understand the passion and reverence that tea aficionados have for these exquisite teas. If not, try it. I selected the Mariage Frères -Esprit de Noel Tea as a gift for my JAX Mom. She is French, and over time we grow closer every year, like a real mom and daughter. It is magical to be reunited, and we have a wonderful time enjoying this special tea together, laughing and sharing precious moments.


No matter where we roam, there is no a place like home. I feel a strong connection with my family members in my home in the U.S.A.


More suggestions for special gifts:  

  1. L.A. Burdick Chocolate
  2. Anthropologie
  3. Gather home + lifestyle

I hope you enjoy Stephy’s holiday gift guideline, and I hope you find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Wishing you all a dreamy holiday!


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