The spirit of the season is out there II

Embark on a new scent journey: LE LABO

We believe that there are too many bottles of perfume and not enough soulful fragrances.

A scent can conjure up a flood of memories. This is why I love finding unique fragrances. If you know me well, you know how obsessed I am with fragrances. I would love to share my favorite brand: LE LABO. It is a niche perfume, simple but expressing a unique scent and character normally found in a luxury brand.

The scents bring a flood of memories.

You might love the store décor, with old school fixtures and distressed tile walls making Le Labo’s products really stand out in the store’s sample section.

This place, so aesthetically pleasing.

This store has great natural light for photos – and a great place for holiday shopping.

Address:1618 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647; 47 E Oak St, Chicago, IL 60611

All of this store’s fragrances are hand-blended. Choose your scent, and they will blend the perfume, label and carefully pack it, all by hand. I love the careful process. I also love the scent itself.

Give the scent time to show itself: immediately after you spray, you might not particularly like the scent, but wait about half an hour, when the real scent appears. It will surprise you – and it is addicting. The fragrance is a private experience unique to each person. You just have to try it for yourself.

IMG_0481Although it is simple, the chic aesthetic and penchant for masculine notes make this a favorite to wear by both men and women alike. Fun note: the perfume names are simple and come from combining a main part of the perfume with how many materials are in it. For example, one perfume is called Rose 31/Bergamote 22.

Le Labo creates exclusive scents for some cities and sell it only there: Baie Rose 26(Chicago); Gaiac10(Tokyo); Vanille 44(Paris); Tubereuse40(New York). What cool city in the world do you want to smell like?

IMG_0484This time, I chose the “discovery set”for my friend who loves to wear perfume. This works great as a gift because each fragrance is private and personal. Because I am not certain which scent my friend would enjoy most, the “discovery set” is perfect because it has 16 classic scents. I also selected the Chicago exclusive Baie Rose 26. When he/she receives it, they can take their time to explore the range of LE LABO fragrances.

It is not only a gift but also a brand new and cool scent experience. Enjoy!

How about the discovery set? A nice gift. Treat yourself or someone.


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    Smell you later 🙂


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