Begin your Windy City book adventure here

We all have busy lives. We are blinded by a lot of complicated things, such as work, stress, commitments, and the constant interruption of technology. Sometimes we need to escape the noise, get off our feet, find a place to sit down and collect our thoughts, especially in a large city. What is one great option to help you relax? Sometimes, it is reading. Immersing yourself in the journey of a book can give you a fresh perspective and renewed energy to face the world.

Strange things start in a WiFi-Free Zone

Who says you must go far for adventure? Are you looking for an unusual twist to your daily life? Allow me to share one of my secret spots in the Windy City: Kibbitznest Books, Brews & Blarney (Address: 2212 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago IL 60614). It’s a great change of pace when you want a little quiet time to escape the noise and bustle of the city.

Can you imagine being surrounded by books and without a phone or laptop, and without WiFi? Most people think they’ll die without some form of technology at their fingertips. I am not an obsessive book lover, but I do enjoy settling here at times, and this place has become  my secret spot when I want to experience peace and a little alone time. It feels strange to spend time in a WiFi-free zone. It encourages people to stop using their electric devices and instead focus on face-to-face communication. Today, it is hard to imagine life without WiFi and technology. But Kibbitznest is just such a place, a room full of books, newspapers, games, mini typewriters and music – a place to enjoy a simpler life. I read books at the Nest, and I actually use a real typewriter to compose little letters.

Time stops for me here.


The décor here is full of wooden bookshelves surrounding modern sofas and seating areas, with vintage style accent pieces such as world globes, old signs and bar stools. It is a wonderful spot to sit, unplug your phone and simply read in peace, sipping hot tea. Here, I find balance between a busy life and inner peace.



Today, we hold so many conversations through texting, email or social media, but how long has it been since you had a deep conversation with someone face to face? This is a perfect place to invite them to join you in putting down your phones and laptops, and spend some time playing games, listening to music, laughing and talking. Even better, this place regularly hosts live music and book discussions, great opportunities to hang out, listen to talented people, share opinions and immerse yourself in things that feel real.


It is not only a fantastic place to escape a busy life, but also to escape the chilly winter in the Windy City. This place reminds me that the best human communication in life is face to face, with lovers, family and friends.

Enjoy game time with someone, laugh freely.

Books, books and more books, please! Take a break, enjoy a WiFi-free book adventure. You’ll find a little magic in your heart.

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