Get on board the Matcha Train

I love and enjoy coffee, but sometimes I want to change my routine. In these cases, I reach for matcha.

What is Matcha? Wikipedia defines matcha as a “finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. It is special in two aspects of farming and processing: the green tea plants are shade-grown for about three weeks before harvest and the stems and veins are removed in processing.

Matcha is easy on the eyes, calms and relaxes the mind, but also boosts metabolism and detoxifies, and it is nutritious. Now, take a matcha train with me: explore and try something new and green.

You can’t go wrong with anything at Easthill Tea Co.

Tea is sexy, but I think matcha is sexier. My favorite place to drink matcha in the windy city is the Easthill Tea Co. The reason is simple: their lavender matcha latte is made with macadamia milk, which is like mixing a little heaven into your drink. When you sip it, you will feel it smooth and creamy, not bitter. Most importantly, it is not super sweet, but rather gently sweet and soft. The sweetness ratio is perfect. A good matcha drink will make your mouth feel soft and clean, with just the right amount of sweetness. The choice of milk is very important, and I don’t know that alternative milks work nearly as well. I like the macadamia milk the best because it moderates the drink, and provides a slight nutty taste, making the matcha drink softer. And I love the look of the powered green tea.

Can you imagine a lavender and matcha combo? It is unusual, but this combination stands out. Try it! Hot or iced, it’s good!


Also, don’t miss their cute animal matcha donuts. They bring back memories of my childhood. Now I am grown, they transport me to new places and adventures. It is a simple happiness. It makes my heart and stomach happy.

Which animal do you like? Pick your favorite!
Address: 1816 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL 60647

“A big green apple” does nothing but makes your gray mood disappear

If you live in Chicago, I bet you know Sawada Coffee (Matcha). As I mentioned in my previous post (“Rise and Grind”), they have an excellent military and black camo latte. But you simply should not miss their green tea latte. I like to ask them to make a big heart in it, which look like a green apple. It fuels my gray day. Drinking sweet green tea latte in winter is not the worst thing. A note: this green tea latte is made with regular milk, and it tastes sweeter than others.

Address: 112 N Green St, Chicago IL 60607


Almond milk matcha makes my heart sing: Pierrot Gourmet


Here, I usually ask them to use almond milk in my matcha. When you sip it, you can feel and smell a strong almond flavor, tender and rich in your mouth. It fills you with warmth on a chilly day and warms my hands. Matcha macaron is a perfect match also. 

More matcha, please!

I have a thing for ice cream. I have a thing for soft serve. And I have a thing for matcha. So I had to have a Matcha soft-serve ice cream at Mitsuwa Marketplace in suburban Arlington Heights. The fresh texture melts my heart and cools me down in the summer. Not many places in the city have soft serve, but I heard there will be a new matcha soft-serve ice cream store coming soon to Wicker Park. I can’t wait to try it.


Matcha cha cha our way, matcha latte, matcha ice cream, matcha macaron, matcha cake …… Hey! It is time to take a matcha train to start your day!

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