The Land of Enchantment: it won’t disappoint you.

New Mexico calls itself the Land of Enchantment. This motto intrigued me the first time I read it. I was very curious and deeply wanted to explore this mysterious place.

My thoughts of this land before visiting: Desert, Cactus, Dry, Camel Color, Wild, Murals, Almost Mexico, Chile Ristras. But why is it the Land of Enchantment? I would not know until I visited and explored. So I did! Now, follow me, and find the answer with me in this adventure.

The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it…

Most people are not familiar with New Mexico, but you might know of White Sands National Monument. I knew this place would be beautiful. Many people select it for their wedding photos. Until I actually saw it for myself, I had never experienced anything like it.

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

All glittering white sands are around me, it is better than a white winter wonderland. I climb to the top of the gypsum sand dunes and look quite far, but cannot see anyone, just the white sands, mountains and sky. I run fast on the white sands with different slopes, I feel alive, my brain empty of thought. The sand and its stillness surround me, and my whole soul feels free.


thumbnail_IMG_9727I’ve fallen in love with the sunsets here. Can you imagine a soft sunset color, with unique plants and mountains, along with the white sands, all on the same horizon? I am immersed in it, feel the charm of nature, smell the wind, listen to the heartbeat of nature here, wait to see the sunset, take a deep breath, and appreciate this very moment. I close my eyes, and I am now part of the white sands.


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The moment when nature becomes home.

I never imagined that nature can become home, till I met you: Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks.

I am a natural and outdoor lover, and this hike was a profound experience to me. I hiked through the tent rocks, it reminds me of Antelope and Bryce Canyon (Utah). It was a bit harder to hike due to the inclines. I turn, looking up, and see the best perspective: unique rock structures and natural skylights. When I hike to the top, I can see the variation in height of white cone-shaped rocks, and I feel the wonder of nature. The breathtaking New Mexico landscapes and these natural, white tent-like structure look like homes to me, seemingly waiting for someone to move in to live. They have stolen my heart.


There is no place like this: a natural white colored home 


Life is like an echo. I shout loudly, and I hear my sound repeat back to me clearly. When I am at the top of a climb, I feel as much as I see. Now I know why New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment: mysterious natural wonders in nature, combined with a rich cultural history in the surrounding area. It creates a special feeling inside me. It makes me think: my ideal wedding place will be in the white mountains, maybe here.

The amazing New Mexico landscape is home to mysterious things in nature.
Don’t’ forget to look up when you hike, the skylight is real, and you don’t need any filter.

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It is just a visit place for you, but for bats it is home: Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

The first sentence of an introductory video at this park touches my heart. I think that it makes sense that aliens or space creatures might have visited New Mexico, as some people believe, because it probably looks and feels a lot like home on an alien world.

Now journey with me more than 750 feet underground. It will be a cool adventure, and this place makes me feel incredibly small again. I follow the cave explorer Jim White’s footsteps. I walk into the darkness and wander through the Earth’s enormous, cold, damp, spiky belly, exploring the marvels in the cavern. I cannot believe my eyes: this place does not look real. I see a variety of spectacular cave formations. The water reflects the surreal formations like a mirror, the inverted image like a strange but beautiful wonderland.

Pictures never do justice
The Land of Enchantment’s underworld
Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

The most exciting moment for me is to see thousands of bats flying out of a cave, off into the night sky. It is a wonderful experience. My eyes follow them in flight, and I can almost feel their speed. The creatures are marvelous, small and cute, with powerful navigation and flying skills. l think myself similar to the bats: small but not weak, and like bats, I love to fly about and experience adventures in the dark. Their amazing flight blew my mind!

 Sitting at the mouth of the cavern to watch the bats fly.

Don’t miss: Bat flights program (late May through October); King’s Palace Tour. If you haven’t been there, you need to visit. Trust me!

The magical sights of New Mexico touch my soul and speak to my heart. Now I know: this home of so many stunning and splendid sights and creatures is truly the Land of Enchantment. 


  1. JA says:

    It is incredibly insightful to see all the art that shoppes put on the latte foam. I don’t think we have anything like that in Jacksonville, Florida


  2. JA says:

    There is not any sand like that in Florida. We have lots of beach sand, which is very different than dessert sand. Very nice photography and highlighting the natural beauty of our world!! 🙂


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