Stephy’s secret spot in Chicago, IL

Today I want to open my heart and share my secret spot with you. Sharing this secret spot is how I want to start my new blog.

If you are in Chicago, or if you travel to Chicago, or if you want to see or photograph this city’s breathtaking skyline, or if you simply want to explore fantastic new places in the Chicago area, then you found the right blog. I will help you to explore all of this and more. Let’s begin!

Wicker Park is my favorite neighborhood in Chicago. It is here you’ll find the Robey Hotel. Its design looks like the flatiron building in New York City – but I like the Robey hotel even better. Once inside, ask the waiter to use his/her magic key to open the elevator, then take you UP. When you get to the top (the Up Room) you will feel “WOW.” You will be able to see the beautiful skyline with 180 degree views.XVVW8035

Even better, I like to watch the people come and go, and listen to the trains pass by. I stand up to feel the full experience. I also can see many of the city’s street intersections. My favorite is the intersection of Wicker Park (Buck Town). The blue line train in Chicago is my favorite train line because it takes me to explore and discover a lot of amusing places.

I used to come to the top of the Robey Hotel by myself. I’d linger, watch the people walk, see the intersections, and listen to the train sounds. Beyond it,  it seems like I can touch the city skyline.  I love the 180 degree views, see all the neighborhoods, and think about where my next adventure might take me… and think about life. I feel that I am very close to the sky and skyline. It’s a magic feeling. So far, I’ve only taken two friends to this secret place. But now, I have opened my heart and shared my personal adventure with you.

I’ve decided to use my secret spot to start this new blog with you, and I’m writing especially for people who like to take adventures like me. If you do, follow me. I will help you to explore a lot of new things, crazy things, delicious food, fabulous places…

Your next adventure starts NOW…..



  1. Thanks for sharing your secret place in the city. Your blog is beautifully written and I look forward to learning about your adventure around Chicago.


    1. Stephy Liu says:

      Thanks. I will take more and more adventures with you. Haha.A lot of crazy adventures.


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